TexStyle Laser Marking Systems


The new and revolutionary TexStyle Laser System Series provide a high definition and unique method of blasting denim jeans and marking images on textiles or leather.

  • True digital laser blasting.
  • TexStyle your garments with high resolution images at true high speed.
  • Add traceability and unique/variable information to each single garment.
  • No more consumables on your branding process: forget about sand or abrasive materials, chemicals, training, cleaning, reduce your processing time and floor space.
  • Design, Produce, Deliver: Reduce lead and processing time by delivering orders the same day.
  • High productivity: non-stop switching brand process. Single samples / very short productions have never been so easy to make, with no additional cost.
  • Full control: Create brand designs in-house in seconds and make them ready for production. Integrate the branding process control into the company’s information service control panel.
  • Environmentally friendly.


TexStyle Laser Systems and technology are patent protected, powered by ON-LASERTM technology.