Décork™ Cork Stoppers’ Laser Marking Systems

ON-LASER has designed and developed a unique laser technology and software for cork stoppers laser marking, split into several models that match each particular requirements in terms of features and productivity.


Click this link or the image below to visit the image gallery of laser marked corks.

Laser marked cork stopper



The table below shows what products have the ability to mark in the body of cork stoppers, or in the ends, or in both of them.

Body Ends Body & Ends
Décork SOLO Laser Series
Décork SOLO flex Laser Series   √*
Décork DUO Laser Series  
Décork DUO flex Laser Series
Décork QUAD Laser Series
Décork Q4000 Laser Series
Décork Q6000 Laser Series
Décork Q8000 Laser Series

*It marks in body and ends, but not at the same time. User shall set one or another configuration.

All of them share the same core technology, allowing digital laser marking of artwork into the cork stopper.

Click at the specs below to enter to a particular product description.

Décork Q4003 2013 brief datasheet


Décork DUO flex 2013 brief datasheet


Décork DUO brief datasheet


Décork SOLO flex 2013 brief datasheet


Décork SOLO 2013 brief datasheet